Saturday, 19 January 2013

Funding Grace

The Kickstarter campaign to provide the necessary funding to move forward with One Way to Grace is up an running! David and I are proud of the work that has already been done on the book and are itching to move on with the publisher by our side. In order to do that, though, we need your help and support.

Spreading the word to your friends, family, congregation, and strangers on the bus is just as good as committing a pledge toward our campaign.
Thank you in advance for your love, support, pledges, and excitement!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Help to Publish One Way to Grace

David and I are still working on raising the funds necessary to begin the publishing process with Ambassador International.Want to help? Well, you can!
Check out our Kickstarter campaign.
The campaign goal is $1,000 right now, but the amount David and I need total is $2500. The fundraising efforts will continue in full force until every penny has been earned. David and I truly appreciate any support or exposure you all can provide.
Here's the link to our Kickstarter campaign again:

For more information on how to contribute to the publication of One Way to Grace, please email me and David at

Friday, 4 January 2013

Making Grace a Reality

Dawn proudly holding the completed manuscript
Well folks, the book is complete.
Proofreading has been done, submissions made, and a publisher is on board! One Way to Grace is quickly becoming a reality, only one more big step to take.

Because I am a new writer, and David is an everyday man with an incredible but unknown story, we need to raise a small amount of money to invest in the publishing efforts. The publisher we are working with is ready to print, promote, market, and distribute the book as soon as David and I are able to make a $2500 investment. Neither David nor I are rich people, but we are sure that God will help us find a way to reach this funding goal.
Throughout my time as a writer, I've heard stories of expensive self-publishing ventures that ended in disappointment. Let me assure you, this is not self-publishing. The investment is much more similar to the cost of hiring an agent, editor, and publicist. Instead of paying for those services out of the percentage of the book's profits we receive (which David can use to more effectively minister and deliver his testimony to the world) we are taking care of it right up-front.
We are reaching out to you, Dear Reader, for any kind of support you can offer. One Way to Grace will touch so many lives, show so many people how faith and trust in God can transform a man. Not to mention the opportunity to put passages from Scripture and an inspiring testimony into the hands, minds, hearts, and souls of those who need God's love and light in their lives. Even as someone who has not accepted Christ or walked the born-again path that David has, I can attest to the beauty this work has brought into my life, the purpose and relationship with God I have felt since first studying Scripture with David over a year ago.

The needed funding goal is a total of $2500. As we make progress toward that goal, I will update readers here and anyone who chooses to contribute will get regular email updates. Plans are currently being made for a way to easily make contributions through an online platform. Until that option goes live, each contribution will need to be handled personally by either me or David. For information on how to contribute to the One Way to Grace publishing efforts, please email .